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What is Employee Health & Wellbeing?

March 20, 2020

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Employee health has been considered a key element of business productivity for quite some time. This is emphasised by the assortment of reports, articles, and blogs that offer advice on how to improve wellbeing which seem to be released daily. Whilst many of these pieces provide excellent guidance on the issue, we believe that understanding exactly what you’re dealing with is equally as essential. Hence, in this article Hive asks: what is employee health and wellbeing?

Does good employee health equal wellbeing?

Most of us recognise what good ‘health’ typically concerns – being free from illness or disease and, essentially, living a ‘healthy’ life. But is ‘wellbeing’ a bit more difficult to quantify? The term is defined as the mindset of feeling contented, healthy, or successful, emphasising mental health more than physical condition. Of course, this means that employee health and wellbeing have to not only be approached delicately, but also with careful consideration of a variety of factors.

Why is it important?

As mentioned above, strong employee wellbeing has long been viewed as a way of increasing productivity as it can allow for a more positive attitude towards tasks. But it’s also important on a more personal level. Employees must be treated as people first so that they’re able to achieve the best possible results at your company, whilst also feeling fulfilled in their work environment. The complexities of mental health conditions, coupled with the expected rise in the cost of employee absence by 2030, means maintaining a strategy centred around the wellbeing of your staff is as relevant as ever.

Where can you start?

There’s no quick fix to an issue such as this. But there are Simple Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing, many of which can be achieved with the help of Hive360. We offer a software solution that places, pay, pension, health support as well as tailor-made lifestyle benefits, all in one location for your staff. 

You can find more information on our innovative approach to employee health Here, and you can always Contact Us for any help or support.


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