HIVE360 is a trusted commercial partner tailored to serve the recruitment industry, particularly those governed by the GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority).

As a signatory of the new Construction Protocol, we are also committed to combatting modern slavery within the construction industry. Our comprehensive range of services goes beyond traditional payroll solutions, focusing on the wellbeing and support of the GLAA workforce.

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Accurate, Timely, And Transparent Agency Worker Pay

At HIVE360, we understand the complexities involved in managing agency worker pay. Our dedicated team of experts ensures accurate and timely payroll processing, considering the unique requirements of GLAA agency workers.

With our compliance and payroll management expertise, you can be confident that your agency workers you place on assignment with your GLAA clients will receive their wages promptly and accurately via a fully secure personalised mobile platform, boosting their job satisfaction and trust.

Cost Savings And Process Efficiencies

We go the extra mile to help you optimise your financial resources; our payroll and pensions administration solutions are designed to create significant cost savings for your agency. By streamlining your employment and PAYE payroll processes, we eliminate unnecessary administrative overheads and enhance operational efficiency.

Holistic Wellbeing Support

At HIVE360, we believe that employee wellbeing is paramount. We provide a complete package of vital communication, benefits, and wellbeing support to help you prioritise the health and happiness of the workforce.

Our mobile app offers telephone GP services and mental health counselling, ensuring that all workers have access to professional support when they need it most.

GLAA Compliance And Construction Protocol

HIVE360 takes great pride in being a provider of employment and engagement support services to the food industry. We hold a GLAA licence from the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), a Non-Departmental Public Body of the UK Government.

The GLAA regulates businesses that supply workers to the fresh produce supply chain and horticulture industry, ensuring that these businesses meet the high employment standards required by law.

As a GLAA-licensed provider, we are committed to upholding these rigorous employment standards, guaranteeing that our services align with legal requirements and industry best practices. Our licence with the GLAA is a testament to our dedication to ethical practices and the fair treatment of workers.

You can find our Modern Slavery Statement here. You can also verify our licence here by typing in our unique Ref No HIVE0001, or search HIVE360.

More Reasons To Partner With HIVE360…

Focus on Improving Profitability

We prioritise improving your profitability by boosting efficiency and reducing your employment administration burden. Our services, including payroll management, digital payslips, pensions auto-enrolment, and pay documentation, help to streamline processes, saving valuable time and resources.

Full Compliance Assurance

We ensure your full compliance across all aspects of pay, pension, and worker welfare standards. By staying updated with regulations and implementing robust compliance measures, we mitigate risks and help you maintain a legally compliant and responsible operation.

Enhanced Employer Brand And Employee Engagement

Partnering with us helps boost your employer brand and kick-start employee engagement initiatives. Our services are designed to create a positive and supportive work environment, creating a strong sense of loyalty, motivation, and productivity among the workforce.

Maximum Engagement Of Services

We work closely with you to ensure as many workers as possible engage with our services. Through effective communication, training, and ongoing support, we facilitate seamless integration and adoption of our solutions, optimising the benefits for both you and your candidates out of assignment.

Continued Innovation

At HIVE360, we are committed to ongoing innovation and improvement. We constantly evolve and enhance our mobile platform to cater to worker wellbeing, improve communication channels, and boost engagement. By partnering with us, you can access cutting-edge tools and features that support your candidate's development, wellbeing and satisfaction.

HIVE360 is your trusted partner, committed to providing tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of the recruitment industry. Beyond delivering accurate and transparent agency worker pay, we strive to create cost savings, enhance process efficiencies, and reduce overheads.

With a focus on GLAA compliance, outsourcing to HIVE360 empowers you to build a thriving, compliant, and caring work environment. You can trust us to be your strategic partner in meeting your recruitment industry needs.

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