On boarding with HIVE360

Our team of payroll, pensions administration, compliance and App Engagement Experts, led by your Account Manager will work with you and your team throughout implementation. Communication is key to success and we keep you informed at every milestone.

We’ll design and agree an implementation schedule with you, which typically achieves completion 4-6 weeks from signed contracts, but we can deliver our service in shorter timelines where a more urgent solution is needed.

Our team will identify and involve all of your relevant key stake holders and then we co-ordinate all payroll processing transfers, App customisation and build and a detailed plan of communication and launch to your employees and workers. So, your employees gain a seamless transition to a new digital payslip portal, and a new benefits platform like they’ve never had before.

What’s more we work with you continuously to provide a package of marketing and business support to ensure you achieve maximum engagement with the platform, and efficiency gains for your business.

Make a difference to your business
and employees today