We are a commercial partner like no other, we work with you to create cost savings on your payroll, pension administration and benefits. We’ll improve your process efficiencies and reduce your overheads, and add value to your business. £100 per worker per anum – average annual contribution to profit working with HIVE360. Find out how.
Ask us to talk you through how we can calculate and achieve these cost efficiencies and profitability gains in your business.

Kick start better employee engagement

Our solution will also help you to kick start your employee engagement with a sophisticated mobile Engage App platform for your people, included at no cost to you or your employees, that brings pay, pension and perks and vital health care support together.

How can HIVE360 help to transform your business?
  • We deliver operational support focused on improving not reducing your profitability
  • We deliver process efficiency gains and significant cost savings for all clients
  • We’ll take away your payroll & auto enrolment admin burden
  • We’ll ensure your full compliance at all times (HMRC, RTI, GLAA, IR35)
  • We’ll help you to kick start your employee engagement with a sophisticated mobile comms platform and enhanced benefits at no cost
  • We’ll help you to attract top talent
  • We’ll ensure you can provide real-time 24/7 care and health support to your employees
  • We’ll help you to navigate the HR legal landscape with expert advice and support.

It’s a Win-Win!

HIVE360 helps you save money on your current:
  • Payroll processing
  • Payslip print & postage
  • Pension administration
  • Employee discounts platforms
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Online doctor services
  • HR legal support

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Make a difference to your business
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