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Some Umbrella Companies May Not Be Compliant Say HMRC

As a contractor, working under an umbrella company can be risky due to the IR35 regulation.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019

Top Alternatives To Umbrella Companies In 2019

An umbrella company acts as the employer of the contractor/temporary worker which in turn allows the umbrella company to calculate all tax, National Insurance and business expenses per contract. As a contractor, upon securing a new contract, you will send it on to your umbrella company and not sign the contract yourself.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019

A Guide To IR35

IR35, which is also referred to as Intermediaries Legislation, was introduced by HMRC in April 2000 to counter tax avoidance schemes.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019

What Is IR35?

Intermediaries Legislation (IR35) has been in force since April 2000 and is in place with the aim to combat tax avoidance. The goal of IR35 is to segregate self-employed or temporary workers operating through their own limited company legitimately, and those who are using a limited company for tax purposes, thus saving on National Insurance and tax payments.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019

The Risk Of Tax Avoidance As A Contractor Or Temporary Worker

As a temporary worker or contractor, your income is project dependent which means your income can be less consistent than salaried employees.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019

What Is The Difference Between Temporary Workers And Contractors?

Both temporary workers and contractors work to the understanding that their time spent at a company is limited, either finishing at a fixed date or after a project has been completed. This can lead to these terms being used interchangeably.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019

What is IR35 Compliance?

If you are working as a self-employed contractor such as a consultant, freelancer or sole trader, then your work will fall within the IR35 regulation. If so it is crucial to understand what it is and how to follow IR35 compliance.

POSTED ON May 23, 2019