Outsourcing HR and Payroll services can save you time and money

By outsourcing through Hive360, you can focus on your business and leave HR resources, Payroll and other services to the experts. Get in touch today to see how Hive360 can help you.

HR and legal advice when you need it

By partnering with Hive360 you gain access to our team of HR legal advisers as part of our service at no additional cost. They are always on hand to provide support and give you the advice you need.

Payroll services with Blue Chip benefits

Prompt and accurate payment of your workforce should go without saying. Combining this with our Pay & Perks mobile portal to offer your staff a range of benefits, support and services at their fingertips is what makes Hive360 stand out from the outsourcing crowd.

Obviously, we manage all tax & NI calculations, expense claims, ensure HMRC and RTI submissions are completed on time and provide your employees with secure and encrypted GDPR compliant digital payslips. This means that you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

Outsourcing through Hive360

To find out more about how outsourcing services to Hive360 can benefit your business and employees, please get in touch using the contact form above.

Potentially saving
over £1,000 monthly

Compliance & Risk

Daily Access to
Phone Advice

Employee Crisis

Make a difference to your business
and employees today