We’re experts in recruitment agency PAYE payroll, wellbeing & benefits provision (including those Governed by the GLAA) and we bring it all together in one powerful and unique solution.

We work with you to not only deliver accurate, on time and fully transparent agency worker pay, but we also work to create significant cost savings on your PAYE payroll & pension administration, improve your internal process efficiencies and reduce your overheads.

But our services don’t just end with recruitment agency payroll, we also include a complete package of vital communications, benefits and wellbeing support. Support includes telephone GP and Mental Health counselling services via our mobile app to help you really look after your workforce.

Outsource recruitment agency payroll

Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment Agency Payroll

Outsourcing your agency payroll and temporary worker employment and processes to HIVE360 is one of the smartest business moves you could make. We can manage your payroll and all employment administration responsibilities so that you can focus on growing your business.

As experts in recruitment agency PAYE payroll, wellbeing, and benefits provision, HIVE360 offers a comprehensive solution that brings together various crucial elements, and importantly – allows you to focus on your core competencies as a recruiter.

Reasons to partner with HIVE360 include:

Accurate And Timely Payroll

We ensure accurate and timely processing of agency worker pay. By leveraging our payroll management expertise, we handle all the necessary calculations, deductions, and tax obligations.

Cost Savings

You can expect significant cost savings by outsourcing payroll and temporary worker employment responsibilities to HIVE360. Our expert team streamline the PAYE payroll and pensions administration processes, enhancing your operational efficiency and reducing your overheads.

Want to see how much you could save? Get a free personalised saving calculation here to see how much HIVE360 can add to your bottom line.

Compliance And Transparency

As experts in PAYE payroll, you can be assured that our team will keep you fully compliant and in line with all legislation changes and HMRC requirements. We offer payroll solutions for the GLAA sector, meaning we can support your GLAA workers with a fully transparent pay and pensions portal and easy-to-access wellbeing support for workers’ safety, welfare and protection. By outsourcing, you can rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities of employment legislation, ensuring that your payroll operations adhere to all legal requirements.

Future-Proofed Solution

HIVE360's solution is designed to meet the demands of evolving regulations. By partnering with us, you can future-proof your temporary worker employment and payroll processes, staying up to date with changes in employment laws and regulations.

Pension Administration

At HIVE360, we provide auto-enrolment pension administration services, working with high-performing workplace pension providers. This ensures that temporary workers’ pension contributions are managed efficiently and comply with all legalities.

Employee Wellbeing Support

If you own a recruitment business, there is nothing more important than ensuring your candidate’ work satisfaction. HIVE360 offers a complete package of vital communications, benefits, and wellbeing support. By prioritising candidate wellbeing, we can help you care for your candidates and foster a positive work experience that boosts your reputation and ability to attract and retain new talent for your clients.

Operational Efficiency

Outsourcing your recruitment agency employment and payroll processing improves the efficiency of your internal processes; our streamlined payroll solution reduces your administrative burden and frees up your time to be used elsewhere.

Legal Advisory Support

Our recruitment agency solution includes HR legal advisory support. This ensures that you receive ongoing guidance and expertise to maintain compliance with employment laws, protecting your company from potential legal risks.

Outsourcing Your Recruitment Agency Payroll With HIVE360

Partnering with HIVE360 offers a comprehensive and integrated solution, encompassing employment, payroll, benefits, and employee wellbeing support.

By leveraging our expertise and technology, you can achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, compliance, and overall employee satisfaction within your organisation.

To start your outsourcing journey, simply fill in the form above, or find out how much you could save with our tailored cost-savings calculator.


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