Employee Engagement

If you’re struggling to attract the best talent for your business, or you’re spending endless amounts of time dealing with people issues, absenteeism and poor performance, then finding ways to better engage with your employees and provide vital health support is sure to be on your agenda?

Pay, pension and perks in the palm of your hand

If you think you can’t compete with the benefits packages of the big brands, and you can’t afford to offer your valued employees more, think again. We deliver our customisable mobile Engage App at no cost, as part of our PAYE payroll & pension administration support solution.  

It’s a mobile platform that gives employees and agency workers free and unlimited access to vital wellbeing support, lifestyle benefits, essential documents including digital payslips and visibility on the real-time performance of their workplace pension. But that’s not all - it’s a flexible platform that can work really hard for you to connect, engage and motivate your workforce.

  • Professional health support with 24/7 telephone GP and mental health counsellors
  • Access to tailored carer support and advise for working carers
  • Access the markets most extensive discount portal for savings on everyday spending 
  • Health, fitness and diet advice, gym discounts and vital wellbeing resources
  • A digital payslip portal – secure, GDPR compliant and ‘in your workers hands’ whenever they need it
  • A workplace pension fund portal – with real-time visibility on pension fund performance
  • A communication platform to broadcast news and updates
  • Access to one of the UK’s leading Online Training Platform for self-development
  • Optional additional features that can help you to recognise achievement such as; Kudos style recognition system, and a confidential ‘whistle blower’ feature to support worker welfare 
  • Easy API integration with other platforms to allow a whole platform solution for your workforce

That’s why we empower businesses to achieve better engagement with their people and Improve Employee Retention.  


Make a difference to your business
and employees today