Free iHASCO Employee Training & Development Programs

Staff training is a key benefit included as standard for all of your employees and PAYE temps registered to use your Hive360 Engage App. When you're on board with Hive360 you are entitled to 2 free online courses per registered employee on your app, creating an Effective Employee Training Solution for all.

We will work with you to handpick 2 relevant courses that are the best fit for your business and your team’s needs. These will be added to the training portal of your Engage App for your workforce to access whenever they need to.

We know all too well the value - and the cost, of high-quality health and safety training as well as workplace development courses. They can often be a pricey business expense but are equally crucial as an Employee Benefit to Improve Job Retention Rates.


Moreover, skills shortages are at an all-time high and Employee Engagement is as important as ever. So, whether it be for your team of permanent employees or your temporary workforce, an eLearning platform is essential.


Welcome to your free employee training platform with Hive360 – saving you £1,000’s a year and boosting your team’s workplace and soft skills.

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Our Expert Training Providers

Our training providers iHasco have over 13 years of experience developing and delivering high-quality health & safety and HR Compliance eLearning. Their development courses always place a keen focus on creativity, quality, and most of all, simplicity.

Their choice of quality, accredited training is extensive, spanning a library of over 100 programs across the following:

  • Health & Safety courses
  • HR compliance training
  • Business compliance
  • Management courses
  • Care certificates
  • A range of soft skills training for your employees

With an easy-to-use video-based eLearning platform and extensive library of accredited courses, it’s simple to get your workplace training and employee development programs sorted.

Hive360 provides a fully accessible solution for your workforce as part of our comprehensive BPO Solution. This includes services for payroll, pensions, and employee perks (including training) for just £4.98 per worker per month.

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