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How to Make Employee Training Effective

April 22, 2022

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As the difficulty to attract and Retain the Best Talent increases, and the value of Employee Engagement grows, effective training programs are becoming more important. Indeed, many companies now see them as a crucial part of an inclusive employee benefits package. But to have the potential of their impact fully realised, employee training platforms must be as effective and accessible as possible.

Here are our tips for improving your training and employee development packages, for employers and staff alike.


Adapt to the Environment

Employee training providers have had to adapt rapidly to the drastically different world of the post-Covid era. Remote work flexibility is here to stay, meaning that training solutions need to accommodate employees regardless of their location. Making courses only accessible from the workplace risks Isolating your Remote Employees and damaging Wellbeing as well as engagement.

Therefore, companies must deliver effectively distributed training programs for their employees. This can be achieved by reviewing the format of your training, the tools it utilises, and how practical it is for your workforce to access training resources via any device at any time to suit different working patterns.


Improve Accessibility

Such a review is likely going to lead you to a discussion about how accessible your employee training programs are. This can cover a wide variety of topics, but some of the core areas include:

  • The format – Do you use asynchronous training programs (such as workplace eLearning platforms for individuals) as well as live teaching methods? Do they differ in length, activities, and complexity?
  • Simplicity – For managers, how easy is it to add new employees to a training system? What areas of the learning process can be streamlined?
  • Availability – If an employee needs help performing a new task or an answer to a question, is this readily available in your training resources?
  • Diversity and inclusion – are your training resources offered in multiple languages? Do you offer different options for visual and audio learners?


Create Career Plan Incentives

Helping your staff to visualise their long-term goals and development can add significant value to workplace training and Improve your Employee Retention. Career plans are a great way to do this as they allow employees to see where their position in your company could develop, providing an incentive to utilise programs like soft skills courses. This also gives staff direction in the areas they need to improve on, increasing the efficiency of their learning.


Offer a Wide Variety

Employee training has evolved into numerous categories and sub-categories to better develop the skills different people need in a specific workplace. This means your company can now cover a vast range of learning and provide a wide variety of courses that could feature health & safety, HR and business compliance, management, care certificates, mental health for Managers, soft skills and more.


Hive360’s Employee Training Solution

Hive360 offers Free & Inclusive Employee Training as standard with our Payroll, Pensions, & Perks Solution, Powered by accredited training provider iHASCO, you are entitled to 2 free online courses per registered employee, through our Employee Benefits App. This solution is easily accessible for your staff anytime, anywhere, and features over 100 courses to choose from to cover everything your business may need.

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