Health And Wellbeing Was 2022’s Top Employee Benefits Support Service

February 28, 2023

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Health and wellbeing support with 24/7 access to a personal doctor was the number one employee benefit for almost half (48%) of UK workers in 2022, according to new data from HIVE360.

Analysis of usage data of our employee benefits and rewards app Engage has revealed the most used features, services and support, which confirms requests for GP and doctor support services were the app’s most used service last year.

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Further employee health and wellbeing support services were also popular, notably access to personal mental health counselling services and a crisis support helpline, health and fitness advice and gym memberships, and carer support including dedicated resources such as telephone advice and online guidance for working carers.

Access to our app’s extensive shopping and on-mobile discounts and online training courses was also popular.

Throughout 2022, Engage had 1.5 million user sessions and an average 85% engagement rate.

Our CEO David McCormack said: “The user habits and trends revealed by our analysis of the Engage 2022 data are in many ways unsurprising, given the national and global economic challenges of last year.

 “Record numbers of people are struggling to make financial ends meet, cover the cost of food, heat, energy and fuel, and access healthcare services when they need them, which is why employee health and wellbeing should be so important to employers.” 

Recent research (the Joseph Rowntree Foundation) reveals that almost one third of UK workers – approximately 8.2 million people – have experienced low work productivity due to financial concerns, whilst a ProGlove-commissioned survey finds that 42% highlight exhaustion and fatigue as significant challenges every day. 

David continues: “As living costs continue to soar, especially on everyday items and purchases, workers are seeking out financial services, resources, and benefits that represent genuine help.

Employee Health & Wellbeing in 2023

Employee health and wellbeing are already fragile, and are often worsened because of current economic uncertainty, workplace stress and financial worries, as is clearly reflected in Engage’s data usage trends.

There is a constant battle for GP appointments and the number of users accessing the 24/7 GP and personal doctor service on the Engage app reflects this; the ‘click to call’ aspect of the app is on an upward trajectory.

David added: “The number of users accessing Engage’s library of health and wellbeing advice, guides and resources has never been higher. We want employee health and wellbeing to be at the top of our aims for our app.

When it comes to supporting employee health and wellbeing, Employee Assistance Programmes are a fantastic option for businesses to fulfil their duty of care as an employer, particularly when they involve counselling, and other employee benefits that help to support your staff’s wellbeing,” 

Benefits of HIVE360

At HIVE360, we enhance and add to the already available support to workers via Engage and make employee health and wellbeing a core element of the health and wellbeing support offered on the Engage app; HIVE360 understands the importance of addressing the biggest issues that staff face and supports their biggest concerns.

Available in 120 languages, our customisable, comprehensive, employee benefits and wellbeing package Engage includes My Health, My Money, My Discounts, and My Work features, and is provided as standard to businesses that outsource payroll and employment administration to the company.

As a GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority) license holder, we ensure full HMRC, RTI, GLAA and IR35 compliance. At HIVE360, we provide expert, compliant and reliable PAYE payroll support and comprehensive employment administration, and work with owner-managed, privately owned and SME businesses, and permanent and temporary recruiters.

To see how we can improve your employee health and wellbeing support while streamlining your payroll management, please click here.