Mental Health And The Workplace
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Is Mental Health A Work Issue?

There will always be times when work or life outside of work can be overwhelming due to many reasons such as deadlines, busy commutes or problems at home. However, it is important for employers to identify these employees or those at risk during these times. According to the UK government, 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues during our lives, with 1 in 6 workers in the UK currently facing mental health and stress issues.

How Mental Health Issues Affect The Workplace

There are many reasons why employers should promote positive mental health and employee wellbeing in the workplace, not only to support staff, but also because mental health problems cost the UK £225bn a year, as found in a study by the Mental Health Foundation.

This is because employees with ill mental health are much less productive, with 80% finding it difficult to concentrate and 62% taking longer to accomplish tasks. These findings were discovered in a study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. The Mental Health Foundation also found that employers that make efforts to address wellbeing at work can see a 12% increase in productivity.

Importantly, a workplace with engaged employees that know that they can communicate with their employers about mental health creates a more productive and happier work environment. This is not currently the case in many workplaces, for example, the charity Mind found that 21% of staff would rather take a day off work than discuss their mental health issues with their employers. It is therefore crucial that companies work on promoting employee wellbeing and supporting their employees welfare.

How Can HIVE360 Help You To Improve Your Employee Welfare?

Mind also conducted a survey that found that 56% of employers would like to promote wellbeing at work and improve employee welfare, but they are not sure how to. This is where HIVE360 comes in, by putting your employees first. Our ground breaking mobile portal offer amazing benefits and support by giving your staff access to “My Personal Helpline” and “My Personal Doctor”, which enables staff to contact NHS approved GP’s and counsellors 24/7 for help with any mental health issues.

To find out more about how the HIVE360 Pay & Perks portal can improve employee welfare in the workplace and the benefits of this, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on 0121 661 4851.