How Are HIVE360 Able To Offer Blue Chip Benefits?

What Are Blue Chip Benefits?

In poker the blue chip represents the highest value, which is why the largest and wealthiest companies in the world are considered blue chip companies. As such these companies are able to offer their employees excellent benefits due to their size and resources.

Small to medium sizes companies are not yet in the same league as blue chip companies, however, it is not impossible for them to offer blue chip benefits to their own employees through an employment service such as HIVE360.

Why Would Your Business Want These Benefits?

There are many proven benefits to your business and employees by giving out really great rewards:

  • 59% of employees agree that a benefits package would make them less likely to leave their current job according to Perkbox.
  • Investing in your employees is linked to a 20% increase in sales as found by Office Vibe.
  • Benefits promote a better work environment by improving employee wellbeing.
  • Fewer sick days as shown by the Gallup Poll in 2011. They found that engaged employees took 3.5 fewer leave of absence days than disengaged employees.

How And Why HIVE360 Offers These Benefits

At HIVE360 we make offering blue chip benefits and welfare support to your employees a reality. We offer these benefits through our Pay & Perks mobile portal, an app that will provide you and your employees with significant savings. Just some of the perks from the Pay & Perks portal include:

  • 24 hour telephone access to ‘My Personal Doctor’.
  • Hundreds of discounts from retailers through ‘My Discount Outlet’.
  • GDPR encrypted payslips and pension information from ‘My Pay & Pension’.
  • Health and fitness advice and gym savings through ‘My Health’.
  • 24 hour telephone access to professional counsellors on ‘My personal Helpline’.

To find out more about the blue chip benefits that HIVE360 can provide your business and employees, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on 0121 661 4851.