Can I Save Money With HIVE360?

Working with HIVE360 will ultimately save you money due to our unique employment model that ensures we offer cost effective solutions to all of our clients.

How HIVE360 Can Save You Money

Working with HIVE360 will reduce the burden on your internal resources by lowering overhead costs. This is particularly useful for small to medium sized businesses that require HR and payroll services but do not have the resources to hire an entire team to perform these. Finding and hiring a dedicated and trained team to handle these tasks can come at a premium, not just costing you money but also valuable time when trying to find the right staff to fill these positions. This financial outlay can then be spent on more important areas of your business.

By changing fixed costs from permanent staff to variable costs with an outsourced HR team that only work on exactly what you need them to will enable you to spend your capital on growing your business instead. The HIVE360 team work to the highest standard and we want to be the best for our clients, so hiring our expert team will give you reassurance that you are not spending excessive time, training and money that you might have needed to with an in-house team.

It is increasingly important to keep up with the ever changing employment landscape, which can encompass risk management, payroll and pension auto-enrolment. If the continual legislative and compliance changes aren’t followed then you could receive costly fines. By outsourcing to a team that is dedicated to staying up to date and ensuring you are always working to best practice, it will also prevent you making any costly mistakes.

How Are HIVE360 Different?

HIVE360 go one step further than other traditional outsourcing companies. Due to our unique employment model, we are able to offer exclusive blue chip benefits that many small to medium businesses might not have had access to otherwise. By offering your workforce great employee benefits and welfare support you will increase their wellbeing and productivity, which can add to your bottom line.

To find out more about how HIVE360 can save you money, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on 0121 661 4851.