How Payroll Outsourcing can be Eco-Friendly

September 25, 2021

Categorised in: Payroll

Every business has a duty to operate as sustainably as possible and push eco-friendly measures. Not only is it ethical, but a company’s attitude to environmentalism now has a significant impact on Employee Engagement as well as Retention Levels, especially amongst younger staff members. So, here’s how you can be more sustainable thanks to payroll outsourcing services.


What makes payroll outsourcing eco-friendly?

Compared to in-house payroll solutions, outsourcing can often be the far greener option for businesses. It helps companies to go ‘paperless’ as the payroll is handled through an online employee portal. Moreover, due to its time-consuming nature, outsourcing payroll can save your HR team a great deal of resources, which can make your team more efficient and sustainable over time.


Allowing HR to drive company sustainability

Because outsourcing payroll has Numerous Benefits for Businesses, such as Improving HR Functions and Boosting Profitability, your company’s departments can be run more efficiently. As a result, your HR department has more time and resources to promote other measures that can increase company sustainability. These could include the following:

  • Defining Business Goals and your company’s social purpose
  • Reviewing current workplace practices to reduce waste
  • Providing Training on eco-friendly topics
  • Emphasising sustainability in your recruitment and retention processes
  • Creating incentives for employees to be eco-friendly
  • Encouraging feedback and discussion on such measures from other staff members


How can Hive360 help?

Hive360 provides your business with a PAYE Payroll Solution that allows you to promote a paperless system and can save significant company resources. In addition, the Hive360 Skills Academy can help train your employees to be more efficient over the long-term. You also get our Employee Benefits Engage App, which comes as standard with a no obligation trial period. So, for more information, check out Our Solutions Here.