What Are The Differences Between In-House And Outsourced HR?
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What Is Human Resources?

As a business grows and your employee numbers go up, it becomes integral to have someone working on the back office administration of your business. This role is for human resources, with responsibilities including but not limited to handling recruitment, payroll, employee benefits and wellbeing.

Human Resources are crucial for ensuring your company is following best practices whilst also taking care of your workforce, and finding the right person or team to handle these responsibilities can be a tough task. Therefore, we have listed some points for you to consider before deciding whether to hire internal HR staff or whether to outsource to a professional HR company.

In-House HR vs Outsourced HR In The UK

For smaller teams of under 20 people, many small business owners believe that they can just hire one person in-house to take all of the responsibility. When this is done right, there is the obvious benefit that you are able to meet with them face to face at any time. However, as human resources covers a wide umbrella of specialist services, more than one employee may need to undertake all essential responsibilities on a full time basis.

Additionally, finding and hiring a fully competent in-house HR team may come at a premium. Not only with the potential of costing more money on finding the right person, but also costing you valuable time on finding them, which could be spent on other areas of your growing business.

This is where HR outsourcing companies come in, they generally charge a flat rate that will automatically give you access to a full expert team that has experience in all areas of human resources. Furthermore, outsourced HR companies are contracted rather than on a salary, and they want to prove that they are worth it to their clients, so they can be more cost-effective.

Therefore, HR outsourcing is usually the more viable solution for small to medium sized businesses in the UK. By enabling a third party company to take over human resources responsibilities, it reduces the burden from you and your team, so that you are able to focus on core business strategies that will contribute to growing your business.

Why Outsource Your Human Resources To HIVE360?

It is sometimes thought that hiring an internal HR team means that they have a more personal stake in your business. However, due to HIVE360’s unique employment model our priority will always be to look after your business and its employees. As well as providing expert HR solutions, we also go out of our way to improve employee engagement, support your staff and reward them with amazing benefits that you would not have been able to access otherwise.

To find out more about how HIVE360’s HR outsourcing services can benefit your business then please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on 0121 661 4851.