5 Top Tips To Improve Employee Productivity

October 24, 2023

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In an increasingly competitive business landscape, companies are always searching for ways to improve employee productivity to stay ahead of the curve.

Boosting productivity doesn’t just affect the organisation’s bottom line; it can also contribute to a more positive work culture.

So, how do you improve employee productivity?

Measuring Before Improvement

Before you spend time and money implementing strategies to improve employee productivity, it’s crucial to know how to measure it to give yourself a clear benchmark for progression.

You could choose to measure productivity metrics such as:

  • Individual goals met
  • Business objectives completed
  • Sales generated
  • Time recorded
  • Customer feedback received
  • Client retention rate

Once you have a value assigned to your current employee productivity, you can work on improving this metric and tracking your progress along the way.

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Improve Workplace Conditions

We all do our best work in different environments, so allowing employees to choose how and where they work can greatly improve employee productivity.

Upgrading to better office equipment, improving lighting, and allowing the choice of work location (home, office or a little bit of both) can all improve employee productivity by enhancing comfort and satisfaction.

Remove Distractions

Time is a finite resource; too much wasted time will impact productivity. Cutting down on excessive meetings and setting time limits for essential conversations can improve employee productivity by ensuring time isn’t wasted sitting in pointless meetings.

You could also opt for emails or other less intrusive forms of communication like Slack messages for non-urgent issues, allowing staff members to get back to working on what matters most.

Offer Attractive Benefits

Investing in benefits focusing on employee well-being is an excellent way to improve employee productivity.

This could include benefits like private GP consultations, flexible working models, or even discounts on high street brands. When employees believe that the company cares about them as individuals and is committed to their wellbeing, they are much more likely to be fully invested in the company’s objectives and engaged in their day-to-day tasks.

Want more ideas for perks and benefits that can help improve employee productivity? Take a look at our post here.

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Deliver Better Employee Onboarding And Training

A comprehensive and well-structured onboarding process can set the stage for higher productivity levels. Quality training reduces the time it takes for new hires to become fully productive, helping new staff members get up to speed faster.

Ongoing training and skills development are essential for companies trying to improve employee productivity. When employees have a well-defined training plan that aligns with their career progression within the company, they are more likely to be engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

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Support Employee Mental Health

The mental wellbeing of employees is directly linked to their performance and productivity. Providing easy access to mental health resources and even adding mental health counselling into your employee benefits package can improve employee productivity by minimising stress and nurturing mental wellness.

Building a company culture that values and supports its employees is vital for supporting employee productivity — but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. To continue to improve employee productivity, companies must regularly assess and adjust the employee experience, taking into account both performance metrics and staff feedback.

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