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We have created several webinars that will walk you through how we help companies engage their people and grow. There are also detailed walkthroughs of the Key Features of our Engage App. New videos are added each month covering a wide range of topics, trends, and insights.

Our Employee Engage App: In 5 Minutes!

Look through everything the Engage App has to offer in 5 minutes!

When you outsource payroll and employment administration to Hive360, we include our employee pay and benefits app as standard. Imagine the impact of offering your employees a complete package of 24/7 GP & mental health support, money-saving lifestyle discounts and streamlined communication.

All of this and more is available in an easy-to-use mobile portal that’s branded with your logo!

Supporting Growth Through Engaging Your People

How do you support a Fully Remote Team?

One of our clients, Beelivery, are a fully remote business. One of the challenges they face is ensuring they can provide everything their people need to be productive, health and happy. After this, the need for a reliable and compliant payroll system for their rapidly growing business is also essential.

Enter, the Engage App.

Mental Ill Health & Your Workplace

In this webinar we share how ill mental health effects staff and business turnover. We will also share strategies you can implement into your business today to help cultivate a working environment that promotes mental and physical wellbeing of your staff.

All statistics mentioned in today's webinar can be found in this reference page

How Can Hive360 Help My Business?

Hive360 is a business partner you can rely on to handle the one thing that matters most to your people: their pay.

But that’s not all, our approach looks at the whole employee experience. We include an enhanced package of inclusive benefits and Wellbeing Support as part of our Outsourced Payroll Solution.

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