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How Can Payroll Transformation Help Your People and Your Profits?

January 13, 2024

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By simplifying payroll processes and improving overall efficiency, Digital Payroll Transformation is a catalyst for business growth.  Data-driven solutions can fuel invaluable insights, proactivity, and agility, to set your business apart from the competition.

Payroll innovation plays a huge part in future business success, meaning that Payroll Transformation should be part of any conversation about an organisation’s strategic direction.

HIVE360’s innovative Payroll Digital Transformation solutions help companies streamline payroll processing and pensions administration, while reducing operational costs, and enhancing employee experience, all benefitting the bottom line!

Your business could save £100 per employee per year with our fresh approach to Payroll Transformation.

An essential administration task, the smooth and accurate payment of a workforce is vital to the growth and success of every business. This important duty requires a clear understanding of the complex and changing tax and compliance landscape and this is where we can help.

A Payroll Solution That Adds Up!

Our tried and tested, state-of-the-art solution is in line with evolving legislation and is fully HMRC and GLAA compliant, delivering enhanced strategic payroll support for businesses of all sizes, supporting permanent and temporary employees.

Offering a complete solution to payroll and benefits tailored to the needs of your business, HIVE360’s solutions include a fully outsourced payroll system, which is improving payslip communication, and boosting businesses benefits offering.

Why choose HIVE360?

  • There’s no set up cost or capital outlay
  • We work with you to always ensure minimum disruption to business operation throughout implementation
  • Our proven track record typically sees our clients save around £100 per employee, per annum, and delivers a boost to productivity and employee satisfaction. With exceptional engagement levels averaging at 90%!
  • Branded benefits and wellbeing support included, as standard
  • Fully compliant payroll support across the tax, HR, GDPR and compliance minefield, for peace of mind
  • High performing auto-enrol pension
  • A seamless solution tailored to your business’s needs, all in one mobile Engage App.
Payroll digital transformation

HIVE360’s expert team will work with your business on Payroll Transformation to create cost savings on your payroll, pensions administration, and benefits, as well as improve process efficiencies and reduce overheads, to add real value to your business.

Find out how much your business could save with our HIVE360 personalised savings calculator here

Through Payroll Digital Transformation, we help companies attract and retain the right people. HIVE360’s innovative employee engagement and commitment to employee wellbeing empower businesses of all sizes to better engage with their people and offer better access to employee benefits and wellbeing support.

With HIVE360, you can ensure that employees on temporary contracts are treated the same as permanent, salaried employees, with timely and accurate compensation, boosting worker satisfaction and productivity, as well as fostering loyalty.

HIVE360 Digital Payroll Transformation Experts

To find out more, book a demonstration with our HIVE360 team of Payroll Transformation Experts here.