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Employee Engagement – Our Top Tips

June 30, 2020

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Companies with strong employee engagement rates experience 87% higher staff retention, 17% higher productivity levels, 20% higher sales and 19% increase in revenue turnover.

At HIVE360, we believe that everyone deserves the best work:life experience and that great communication, wellbeing support and financial benefits are the cornerstones of this.

There are a number of strategies you can implement to ensure you are achieving the highest employee engagement levels possible, but below we have listed our top five tips for successfully engaging your employees, boosting productivity and enhancing overall employee experience and business success.

Embrace Company Culture

Whether your employees are office-based, home-based or a combination of both – make work feel inclusive, supportive and fun. Creating a strong workplace culture boosts employee engagement and productivity levels as it often makes employees feel happy at work. Put a smile on your workers’ faces and give them a reason to come in by putting their best interests at the heart of their employee experience. By doing this, staff can constantly grow and learn while feeling supported and valued.

Empower Workers





Have faith in your team and give them a reasonable amount of responsibility.


Building up trust with your employees will no doubt boost engagement as a result of empowering them to take responsibility for their workloads.


Instead of dictating how a task should be done and micro-managing, allow employees to complete the job in their own way.


Not only does this allow workers to develop important skills through experience, but it also creates a sense of trust and value.

Recognise your employees


Everyone likes to hear what a good job they’re doing or how valued they are, and many employees value recognition more than incentives and gifts.

Make sure to praise your employees for good and hard work, no matter how small or big.

Celebrating success within the business helps to boost morale and encourages employees to stay motivated.

Assist Employee Development

More and more workers are attracted to roles that allow them to progress their careers and enhance their learning. Supporting employees by offering personalised training and development is proven to boost engagement, productivity and talent retention. Allowing employees to train and learn new skills also boosts the overall success of the business by having a knowledgeable workforce with varied expertise.


Embrace mobile technology to connect and support your employees

With many UK workers owning a smartphone and often using them to complete day to day tasks like managing finances and shopping, it makes sense to create a space where all important documents around their pay and pension sit in one place. You can take employee experience one step further and also allow them access to a discounts portal that offers hundreds of high-street offers, an online 24/7 access GP to reduce absenteeism as well as a content-rich wellbeing centre to ensure employees feel supported at all times.


HIVE360s game-changing engagement platform is part of our unique, commercially attractive solution, combining expert payroll support and employment administration with a mobile platform that totally revolutionises your employees’ experience and support. If you think this sounds like a big investment - think again.  Depending on the current arrangement our clients see a cost-neutral impact on their operation and often significant cost savings.  Book a demo today and a quick savings calculation to see what this will look like in your business and the impacts it could have on your growth.


Ensuring your staff are looked after, supported and rewarded, so they reward you with their loyalty and performance is what drives us, and making it cost-effective and commercially viable is what sets us apart. Our solution gives you a myriad of added value services, based on a model that will deliver significant cost savings too.