5 ways recruiters can use technology to attract and retain talent

5 ways recruiters can use technology to attract and retain talent

September 4, 2018

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With the supply of both permanent and temporary candidates falling sharply, recruitment companies need to stand out in order to attract the best talent and technology can be a great ally. Here are 5 ways you can use technology in your favour on the war for talent:

1 – Have a mobile friendly website

According to data from Third Republic Consulting, 72% of active candidates visit a company’s site via mobile to learn about career opportunities and 45% of candidates have applied for a job via a mobile device. With numbers like that, it only makes sense to have a mobile friendly website.

More than making it responsive and easy to navigate on a small touchscreen device, it is also important to consider the band limitations of mobile internet and ensure the website is light and renders quickly enough.

2 – Make friends with data

We are in the age of data and there are infinite ways in which you can use it to make your recruitment more efficient and effective. For example, analysing data from the best performing candidates you already have in your database can give you a clear insight into the kind of candidate you want to attract and target your efforts.

3 – Re-think traditional ways of communication

Gone are the days of sending a generic e-mail to your whole list with the roles you are recruiting for that week. With data and segmentation technology, you are able to send the right e-mail to the right candidate and follow up accordingly. This will not only save you time it will also ensure candidates stay interested in your e-mails in the long term, making temporary workers more likely to keep using your agency.

4 – Get social

A research by Jobvite showed 48% of candidates used social media in the search for their most recent job, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Social recruiting has been a buzz word in the industry for a while, and if you haven’t joined the party yet, it’s time you do so.

Go beyond the basics of posting your most recent vacancies: establish thought leadership by sharing relevant content and develop a relationship with potential candidates and clients by being personal and relatable.

5 – Use employer branding in your favour

Many studies show that for the millennial workers, a number of factors influence choosing and staying on a job more than pay rises and promotions. Aside from that, businesses have grown ever more concerned with the wellbeing of their workforce, and in order to win clients, recruitment businesses must show they are looking after their temporary workers.

Innovative employment solutions, can boost your employer branding making you employers and recruiters of choice. 

But what does technology have to do with this, you might ask. Well, with the Hive360 solution, you can offer all of this to your workforce in the palms of their hands, with our customisable mobile portal. More than that, the mobile portal securely delivers and stores all payslip and payroll communication and provides unique visibility on personal pension performance in real-time.

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