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The Rise of Payroll Tech – How to Future-proof Your Business with HIVE360

January 27, 2024

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As Payroll Technology continues to evolve, payroll systems are undergoing a digital transformation. With shifting work dynamics and changing expectations from employees, it’s more important than ever that a streamlined payroll system is implemented – this is where Payroll Tech comes in.

HIVE360 offer a complete payroll and benefits solution, reimagined; at the forefront of Payroll Technology, by partnering with us on outsourcing your payroll you can be sure that you can futureproof your business, while making costs savings too.

Traditionally, outsourcing payroll models involve only the processing, but new and progressive models, such as the solutions HIVE360 offers, build in risk and responsibility-sharing that focus on commercial impacts too, and address the increasing pressure on costs. The current trends in systems for payroll indicate that online payroll will continue to be pivotal to business success, affecting everything from employee experience to high-level decision-making.

How Payroll Technology Can Benefit Employees

Payroll Tech is a priority for good employment experience and operational efficiency. Accuracy, compliance, agility, and flexibility are key, because the costs of getting it wrong are huge – it can damage an employee relationship, and a business’ reputation. 

By partnering with HIVE360 to outsource payroll for your business, and utilising their innovative Payroll Technology, you can remove the risk of human error, while providing a richer and more beneficial employee experience at the same time. 

How Payroll Technology Can Benefit Your Business

There is clear evidence that many businesses are moving online and so working with a payroll specialist that understands this will give your business a competitive advantage. What’s more, employee experience is at the forefront of business success more than ever before. Payroll Tech systems of the future understand this, so along with delivering current, up-to-date information about payslips and pension information, they also offer a whole host of employee benefits.

Through the utilisation of up-to-date Payroll Technology, analytical tools allow for better insights, and efficiency of staff can be increased by using software that allows them to easily access information about their pensions, insurance, and payslips online.

HIVE360 can help you to streamline your employment administration and boost your employee experience. HIVE360 offers:

  • Costs savings for your business
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Boosted employment offering with inclusive benefits and wellbeing support
  • Expert and fully HMRC and GLAA compliant payroll support, tailored to your business’s needs
  • Customisable Engage app to put pay, perks and pensions in the palm of your employees’ hand
Engage app payroll technology

HIVE360’s Innovative Engage App

At HIVE360 we strive to be at the forefront of technology, which is why we offer the ground-breaking Engage mobile app to employees. This, our employee benefits app, is part of our employment solution that allows you to put your staff first by offering them incredible benefits, welfare support, and access to crucial information on their pensions, insurance, and payslips. By making HIVE360 your employment support partner, you can give your employees unique transparency at their fingertips with our innovative Payroll Technology.

Learn More About How Payroll Technology Can Help Your Business

To learn more about HIVE360’s innovative Payroll Tech solutions, visit this page to book a free demonstration.