Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace: Supporting You and Your Colleagues

October 8, 2020

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For most of us, work is a major part of our lives and is where we spend a lot of our time day-to-day. Having a fulfilling and satisfying job can be good for overall wellbeing, so it's important to know what steps to take when wellness levels start to dip.  

The wellbeing of employees has dropped during the Coronavirus period, which is expected when you consider all the additional stressors that factor into the new way of living. Combined with situations that existed pre-COVID that can impact how we feel, it’s no wonder that wellness levels have lowered. 

Below, we have outlined some of our top tips for on how you can play your part to ensure the maintenance of good wellbeing levels both for yourself and your colleagues.   

Talk it out 


By talking things out with your team members, you can rationalise your feelings and seek advice from others. This also allows your manager or colleagues to know that you are struggling, and then necessary steps can be taken to help relieve any work-related pressure you are feeling.

Stay active 


Regular exercise can really help to maintain a positive mental wellbeing, as 'happy' chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins are released into the body. Regular exercise can also help with sleep, which also leads to lower levels of stress and anxiety. 

Eat well 


Nutrition can have a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing, so it is important to try and consume a balanced diet with regular mealtimes. Eating regularly also helps to implement and keep up with a routine, which can really help when we begin to feel overwhelmed as it can lower feelings of anxiety and stress.

Drink sensibly 


Alcohol consumption can lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. While this might seem like a good idea, alcohol is only really a short-term coping mechanism, and does more damage than good in the long run. So - while your mood is low, try to avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol. 

Keep communication going 


Making the conversation surrounding mental health in the workplace normal helps to remove any stigma attached to it and encourages those who are struggling to speak out. Checking in on your colleagues regularly can not only help to maintain relationships, it can also help to boost mental wellness within teams and share out workloads of those feeling overwhelmed. 

Take regular breaks 


A change of scenery is often good for mental wellbeing. Even if you have a 5 minute pause in between doing tasks, not only does this boost productivity, it also helps to lower the chances of becoming overwhelmed with your work load and helps to maintain a good work:life balance.  

How can Hive360 help increase your employee’s wellbeing? 


Hive360 recognise that employee wellbeing is crucial to a successful business, which is why we are the ideal employment support partner to help improve employee wellbeing at your company. We manage your employment administration duties to improve your employee’s welfare and wellbeing. 


We take the burden of financial and legislative responsibility including payroll, HR, training and pension auto-enrolment and provide exceptional support through our ground-breaking mobile employment app. Our Perks & Pay app gives your employees access to “My Personal Helpline” and “My Personal Doctor”, which enables staff to contact NHS approved GP’s and counsellors 24/7 for help with a wide range of health issues. 


Don’t delay seeing what Hive360 can do to improve wellbeing in your workplace. If you would like to take steps to improve your employee recognition and wellbeing, then please contact us or call us on 0121 661 4851. 

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