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Improving Employee Engagement: Music & Podcasts

May 10, 2022

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When working remotely, it has become second nature for many of us to have our favourite playlist or the latest podcast on in the background. Streaming sites may have seen a boom in the amount of content we listen to, but the benefits of music and podcasts have long been known. Indeed, they can improve Employee Engagement in several creative ways.


Music & Productivity

In a variety of work environments, listening to music has been linked to higher productivity amongst employees. According to Accountemps, 71% said that having music on in the background made them more productive. It’s a trend that’s more apparent in younger workers, with 95% of those aged between 18 and 34 saying they enjoy music or podcasts at work.

Generally, listening to something can minimise potential distractions and improve mood, allowing employees to be more focused and Engaged with Work. This is often where the association between music and higher productivity is made.


Connecting with Workers

Maintaining a connection between the company and its staff has always been key to employee engagement. And, in the age of working from home, creative ideas are needed to Support Remote Employees as well as those in the office.

Music and podcasts can often be of great help here. Collaborative playlists are now common features of most departments where music is allowed, and song or podcast recommendations can strengthen relationships between colleagues. Finding common ground in such areas can also help remote employees feel connected to their co-workers, which can improve company culture and engagement.


Employee Training

Podcasts can develop skills and teach us new things, offering a creative method for encouraging Employee Training.

Given that there are podcasts dedicated to knowledge and self-improvement across many industries, employers can even recommend podcasts that might help with development. It shows a level of dedication to your staff that could boost your workers’ interest whilst making it more likely you’ll Retain their Talent.


Utilising Music & Podcasts for Improving Employee Engagement

Overall, whether it’s through office speakers or our headphones at home, music and podcasts can raise our mood, energy, and focus, as well as encourage communication and teamwork. It contributes to a positive work culture, which in turn helps with improving employee engagement. All whilst helping most of us to be more productive.

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