Employee Experience: Mobile First

Employee Experience: Mobile First

June 15, 2020

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In a world where smartphones are such a huge part of our everyday lives, it makes sense that companies should be driving their internal communications platform onto a mobile-friendly format. Since the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic started, the use of mobile communications within companies rose drastically following remote working, and despite pressures, employee engagement has continued to rise as a direct result of this.

Mobile technology is a crucial tool used by companies to improve and maximise employee engagement when used successfully. Poor workplace technology has the power to negatively impact the wellbeing of a workforce just as much as good technology can empower them. We recently commissioned an in-depth study into the drivers of employee engagement from the perspective of employees and found that over two-thirds (65%) of UK senior decision-makers say poor workplace technology negatively impacts their work:life balance, their mental health and financial wellbeing.

To be able to increase and maintain employee engagement, employers and decision makers should consider embracing mobile technology and communications during a mobile-first age, to be able to provide staff with the information they want, when and wherever they need it on the platforms and devices they use every day. Our survey shows that workers use their mobile devices for an array of daily tasks; one-third of men (33%) and women (36%) manage their finances through their phones for example, with one quarter (26%) of UK workers admitting that they have no idea what their pension is worth its clear more accessibility of information is needed. Companies who provide their workforce with access to information about their pay, and pension, along with accessible benefits through a mobile-friendly system are building strong, informed and engaged employees.

The vast majority of the UK workforce own a mobile or smart device, so utilising this technology with the tools employees say they need is a big step forward in improving employee engagement and internal communications. This should ideally be done through a fully functional app to enable high levels of communication. Just having an app isn’t enough if It isn’t content rich.

There are several reasons why employers should consider implementing mobile communication within the workplace. As seen during lockdown, this form of communication has the power to keep all employees well-informed and in communication with the business and colleagues. This means that for businesses that have both a desk-based and mobile workforce, everyone can stay in constant connection thanks to mobile communication.


By having an app that hosts an employee portal, vital updates and company news can be quickly circulated to all employees, meaning that no-one will miss out due to their location of work. This can lead to higher engagement levels as employees feel connected to and valued by their company, and in turn can lead to increased productivity at between 20 and 25 per cent when a workforce engages with the business, whilst productivity increases by 18 per cent and profitability by 12 per cent.

Over time, more employers are implementing employee assistance programs into benefit packages, however sometimes they are only accessible to a small portion of the workforce by offering in-office support and counselling, tips and advice. Just under half (44%) of workers we surveyed felt that benefits and perks package and programme contribute to making a good employer, so by offering such you can significantly increase talent attraction and employee retention.


By utilising a mobile app to offer both physical and mental wellbeing advice, support becomes available to a wider number of the workforce. In turn, this aids boosting engagement as employees feel more supported by their workplace and also know where support and helplines are when they need them most. Offering on-the-go 24/7 wellbeing support for your workforce is arguably one of the best steps forward an employer can take in order to drive the overall success of the business.

At HIVE360, we believe that engaged people are better people, and we’re here to help you support your most asset – your workforce. Enhance your employees’ experience and transform business growth with:

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We believe that everyone deserves the best work-life experience and that great communication, wellbeing support and financial benefits are the cornerstones of this.


Hive360 empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve better engagement with their people. Our game-changing engagement platform delivers better communication, vital healthcare support and attractive lifestyle benefits in the palm of your hand.


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