Government proposals for flexible working from day one

October 19, 2021

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In the UK, the government is intending to give employees the right to request workplace flexibility from day one in their new jobs. This initial proposition was part of 2019’s manifesto and will also consider the 3-month period where an employer has to consider and evaluate any requests.

Additionally, government plans are for companies to think of alternative solutions if they’re unable to accommodate the request. In effect, they would need to evaluate altering staff work hours on particular days if flexible working is not practical to do so on a daily basis.

Why a ‘hybrid workforce’ is the way forward

The above plans are a reaction to the significant workplace changes that have occurred in the last two years. The future of the employee work-life balance is now hybrid – the new normal. And, despite some companies fearing such changes, there are numerous advantages to a so-called hybrid workforce including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved employee satisfaction and work culture
  • Opportunities for long-term development for workers
  • Cross-functional teams – better collaboration and stronger work relationships
  • Healthier mindsets

When planned and implemented correctly, hybrid working is highly successful. Especially when there are continuous interactions and opportunities for Employee Engagement.

Supercharge employee benefits for a more rewarding flexible work experience

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