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UK’s largest on-demand grocery delivery service transforms staff payroll

February 22, 2022

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The UK’s largest and fastest-growing on-demand grocery delivery service, Beelivery, has selected HIVE360 as its first-ever PAYE-compliant outsourced payroll provider to help ‘future-proof’ the firm as it moves into the next phase of its ambitious strategy to be ‘the biggest and best online delivery service in the world’.

The Beelivery fully remote, online, and app-based service connects independent drivers with customers to deliver essential or emergency groceries within 15 to 60 minutes. Since it launched in 2015, Beelivery has become the UK market leader in on-demand grocery delivery, delivering 24/7 to 90% of households across the UK.

The last 12 months have seen demand for Beelivery’s service surge. The business has doubled in size as orders boomed during lockdown, growing its independent self-employed workforce to 50,000, and launching a recruitment drive to double this to 100,000 by Summer 2022. To support this phenomenal growth, Beelivery has expanded its full and part-time workforce from 20 to 108, recruiting into its data, customer services, finance and HR teams, all of which are fully remote.

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“Beelivery has doubled in size in under a year,” explains the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Gott . “We wanted to revisit how we operate our payroll to ensure compliance and accuracy for our rapidly growing team, at the same time looking at tools to help us effectively support our remote workforce with their mental and physical health and wellbeing, financial wellbeing, training and professional development.”

Beelivery People and Culture Manager, Alexandra Eno added: “HIVE360 ticked all the boxes for its HMRC-compliant outsourced PAYE payroll service, but the company also provides its incredible and comprehensive employee perks and benefits app Engage as part of the overall solution – it almost seemed too good to be true!”

HIVE360’s mobile employee pay and benefits app Engage



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The Engage app is provided as standard to businesses that outsource payroll and employment administration to us.

Picture of the Beelivery Engage App Powered by HIVE360

“Prior to the Covid lockdowns and restrictions, online grocery ordering and delivery services were novel, but now they are pretty commonplace and certainly used more than ever before,” comments Alexandra. “Beelivery needs to continue to set itself apart from other on-demand delivery services and operators, for market share and customer perception, but also for our employer brand and recruitment and retention activities that will support our growth.


“HIVE360 gives us this competitive edge and differentiation. We now have fully compliant outsourced payroll that guarantees our staff are paid correctly and deductions accurately calculated. As well as this huge boost to our operational and business strategy, we now also have a magnificent employee benefits app.


“Thanks to the Engage app, our employee engagement averages over 80% every month. Feedback from our team is that it is ‘one of the best parts of working for Beelivery’, and has had an enormous positive impact on our staff’s high levels of happiness.


“Via the customised Beelivery Engage app, our team has 24/7 access to an amazing number of discounts and savings – on cinema tickets, meals out, shops and businesses, which are genuinely helping them stretch their wages further, which is so important as the cost of living continues to skyrocket,” she says. “They can also check information about their pension and use the app to review pension performance and explore the impact of changing contributions.


“Engage also means Beelivery achieves its aim to support the team’s health and wellbeing, with a range of support and services, including instant, confidential access to an NHS GP or counsellor.”


Our CEO, David McCormack, adds: “Beelivery is one of the UK’s most exciting and rapidly growing businesses, with an impressive fully online, app-based ordering and delivery service, an effective working model that harnesses the power of the local community with thousands of independent, registered delivery drivers who are on hand to purchase and deliver groceries straight to your door, in almost every corner of the UK.


“Beelivery’s digital strategy and business ambition chime with HIVE360’s values, plans and service solutions, and our new partnership truly typifies the way forward for dynamic businesses that are committed to compliant payroll efficiency and supporting and engaging their employees.”