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What Is Automated Payroll?

January 18, 2024

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Payroll is a priority for good employment experience and operational efficiency; accuracy, compliance, agility, and flexibility are key, because the costs of getting it wrong can be huge. Mistakes could damage an employee relationship, and a business’s reputation. 

As technology continues to evolve, payroll systems are also undergoing a digital transformation. With shifting work dynamics and changing expectations from employees, it’s more important than ever that a streamlined system for payroll is implemented; this is where Automated Payroll Systems come in.

Traditionally, outsourcing payroll models involve only the processing, but new and progressive automated models build in risk and responsibility-sharing that focus on commercial impacts, which address the increasing pressure on costs, and factor in a richer and more beneficial employee experience.

Automated Payroll Systems perform all tasks required automatically, while simultaneously storing data securely.

The Benefits of an Automated Payroll System

Automated Payroll Systems offer a wide range of benefits to businesses and employees, taking the pressure off managers to perform back-office tasks alongside their other duties. These include:

  • Paying employees accurately and on time
  • Sharing accurate information with HMRC as needed
  • Improved data analysis for reporting tasks
  • Calculating correct pension contributions
  • Managing employee expenses

Why Choose HIVE360 For Your Automated Payroll System?

Unscrupulous outsourced payroll providers are not uncommon and put businesses at risk. With HIVE360’s Automated Payroll System, you can be sure that your system:

  • Is HMRC and GLAA compliant
  • Provides and demonstrates transparent PAYE payroll support
  • Has a future-proof solution that meets IR35
  • Includes auto-enrolment pension administration and a high performing workplace pension provider
  • Delivers significant cost savings and operational efficiency gains
  • Offers HR legal advisory support to enable continued compliance and protection

Automated payroll system

What’s more, at HIVE360 we’ll design a tailored Automated Payroll solution to suit your business’s needs – with no setup costs, no capital outlay, and minimum disruption to your business throughout the implementation of the system.

HIVE360’s Automated Payroll System handles time-consuming tasks like processing payments, generating reports, and managing compliance, so you can focus on your business.

Our Automated Payroll System solution will help you to improve employee engagement too through the Engage App platform, bringing everything together for employees. 

Find Out More About HIVE360 Automated Payroll System

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