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Supporting Diversity & Inclusivity with Employee Perks

October 4, 2021

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Promoting diversity and inclusivity is vital to supporting your staff. Doing so involves every aspect of your business and this includes Employee Benefit Schemes. Here’s how you can improve your employee perks so that they can better represent these values.


How are employee perks linked to diversity and inclusivity?

When Measuring Your Employee Engagement, it’s important to understand why office satisfaction levels are where they are. This is because, if there is room for improvement, then some people may be feeling left out by your employee perks system. Thus, identifying ways in which your staff perks program isn’t benefiting certain people might be essential to promoting your values of equality effectively.


Ideas for inclusive employee benefits

With the above in mind, some ideas to help you lay the foundations for an inclusive employee perks system include:


Flexible schedules and remote work

Given the different needs of individuals in your company, the ability to have flexible schedules and remote work opportunities are necessities in the modern era. Indeed, these policies greatly benefit working parents that are seeking to improve their work-life balance, whilst also enabling you to Retain Talent from younger demographics. As a result, both measures are essential to any inclusive employee perks scheme.


A robust annual leave system

There are numerous advantages to offering more days off for employees. It can often improve long-term productivity and, in terms of inclusivity, it allows your business to attract a more diverse range of talent. Many religious holidays fall in mid-week, whilst those looking after children or elderly relatives or with long-distance family ties tend to find increased annual leave particularly helpful.

Moreover, another possibility for promoting greater staff equality through company benefits is with an Unlimited Holiday Program.


Floating holiday

Whilst it’s great that many businesses offer additional days off over the Christmas period, some employees might value gaining this as extra holiday that they can use whenever they would like. Not everyone celebrates Christmas so, if it’s possible, offering this as innovative and unique employee benefit is a great way to support workers of varying cultural and religious backgrounds.


Build on existing perks

Upgrading your current Employee Benefits System is another way to support the different needs of your workforce. Some ideas for this include:


Translation functions for employee benefits

Finally, it’s important in a diverse company that you have the ability to accommodate the different first languages that some of your employees might have. Having training resources and staff benefits that can be translated into a variety of languages can be significantly helpful when trying to make these services accessible to all. That’s why Hive360 offers Translation Functions with our Engage App.


Overall, when it comes to improving your employee perks, there’s no better time to start than now. That’s why Hive360 offers its Employee Benefits Engage App as standard with all of Our Payroll Solutions. You can discover the fast and simple way to expand your employee benefits by Getting in Touch Now!