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270,000 personal records affected by hack on MOD’s payroll provider

June 25, 2024

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An estimated 270,000 payroll records of members of Britain’s armed forces were exposed to hackers in a breach at a third-party payroll provider.

According to media reports, the data includes names and bank details for full-time military personnel, part-time reservists, and veterans who left the armed forces after January 2018.

The BBC and Sky broke the story in early May, reporting that initial investigations found no evidence of any data being removed, and that immediate action was taken by the payroll provider to take the external network offline.

Whilst the claims haven’t been corroborated, government ministers have voiced suspicion that China was responsible for the cyber-attack. China, however, described the suggestion as a ‘fabricated and malicious slander’, and urged those responsible for the speculation in the UK to ‘stop spreading false information, stop fabricating so-called China threat narratives, and stop their anti-China political farce’.

The external contractor in charge of the hacked system was Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL). The global business signed a seven-year, £300 million Future Service Delivery Contract (FSDC) with the MOD in 2019. Under the agreement, SSCL delivers ‘new platforms and more modern ways of working for MOD Defence Business Services (source: SSCL press release), delivering improved access to Armed Forces pay, pensions, military HR and administrative services.

The contract – claimed by SSCL to be the biggest of its type in Europe at the time it was secured – formed part of the Modernising Defence Programme that is committed to ‘driving innovation, improving agility, and driving efficiencies’.

Speaking in the House of Commons in the wake of the payroll data breach being discovered, the government’s Defence Secretary, Grant Shapps said ‘there was evidence of failings’ by the contractor-operated system, and that it was totally separate to the core MOD network. He also apologised to the servicemen and women affected by the data breach, and that the incident was ‘further proof that the UK is facing rising and evolving threats’.

The immediate impact of a cyber-attack targeting payroll can include:

  • Delays in employees receiving their pay;
  • Compliance failures (such as late payment of local tax and social security, and revenue authority reporting);
  • Late payment of third-party liabilities (such as pension contributions, benefit providers etc.);
  • Potential data protection regulation breaches.

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So always ask prospective outsourced payroll providers for references, evidence of HMRC compliance, and their latest audit. Talk to other businesses about who they use for payroll, check-out online reviews, and ask for proof the payroll provider understands your sector and relevant legislation. Meet their team to establish the business is reliable, has robust systems and processes, the knowledge and resource to act and respond, and that payroll is in the right format for you.

Trust comes over time, but before selecting a payroll provider, get evidence they have excellent communication tools, secure technology, satisfied customers, and value openness and transparency.

Moving forward, it is good practice to review external payroll provider’s service level agreements, key performance indicators, contractual arrangements, and current payroll operating models. Act on any gaps or anomalies in the findings, to ensure the payroll provider continues to fit the business and is fit for purpose and effective moving forward.

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