Data Confirms Workers’ Health and Wellbeing Were 2021’s Biggest Challenge

February 11, 2022

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Two-thirds of UK workers sought health-related support last year.

Two-thirds of UK workers actively sought help and support with their mental and physical health and wellbeing in 2021.

Analysis by HIVE360 of the 2021 usage data of our mobile employee pay and benefits app Engage reveals that 60% of requests for support via the app’s services were health-related.

User requests focussed on access to employee assistance services, counselling services, health and fitness advice, GP and doctor support services, and carer support and guidance for those workers also looking after an ill or elderly relative or friend at home.

“Obviously, 2021 presented its own unique challenges thanks to the pandemic and the restrictions on people as a result of it,” comments David McCormack, our CEO.

“Analysis of the Engage user data confirms this, and that one of the knock-on effects on workers was a profound, negative impact on their mental and physical wellbeing throughout the last 12 months.”

The Engage App’s 'My Health' feature gives users secure and confidential access to numerous services and information, including a personal doctor, personal support helpline, care support. Its 'My Money', 'My Discounts', and 'My Work' features provide information, support and resources such as gym memberships, thousands of high-street and online lifestyle, dining and insurance discounts, mobile phone savings, online training resources, and GDPR-compliant pay and pension information, to support worker’s financial wellbeing.

The app has an average 200,000 users each month, and saw overall average user engagement rise to 79% in 2021.

“2021 had a significant impact on the UK’s labour market, especially on work-related stress, burnout and technostress which continue to be issues for employers and in workplaces, including for home-workers,” adds David.

“A new report* from the Health and Safety Executive has also found that over 800,000 people experienced work-related stress, anxiety or depression, with causes cited including rising workloads, lack of support, and changes at work.

“Providing the tools and benefits that support employees’ happiness and wellbeing must be at the heart of a company’s culture, and not considered a token gesture,” says David. “The key is creating an employee benefits programme and portfolio that is in-tune with what they want, when they want it.”

HIVE360 includes its innovative employment experience platform Engage as standard to businesses that outsource our payroll and employment administration to the company. We provides HRMC compliant PAYE payroll services, with solutions designed to match individual operations.

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