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Traditional umbrella company approaches to PAYE Payroll Management can be risky and inefficient. This is where Hive360 comes in, we are the future proof, Better Alternative to Umbrella Companies. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

HIVE360 Is The Viable Alternative To Umbrella Companies

Traditional umbrella company approaches to PAYE payroll management can be risky and inefficient. In fact HMRC has recently warned that many umbrella companies are not actually tax compliant and are in fact operating tax avoidance schemes, so if you work with an umbrella company you might actually end up paying more tax through penalties, or even facing risks of criminal charges. You become at risk because as a business owner or director your tax is ultimately your responsibility.

This is where HIVE360 comes in, we are the future proof, better alternative to umbrella companies. Working to a new outsourced PAYE payroll model  that includes an engagement platform packed full of inclusive benefits and wellbeing support for your workforce. Our unique and fully compliant employment administration model is cost neutral yet uses ground-breaking technology to help you stand out in a crowded market.


What's it like working with HIVE360?

We work with honesty and transparency using a collaborative approach, unlike the many umbrella companies that are flouting tax anti-abuse rules, who are actually putting you at risk. By staying ahead of the constant tax & employment compliance changes we will ensure you are always compliant.

We will ensure that your HMRC and RTI submissions are completed on time, we will manage all tax & NI calculations, and we will ensure continual compliance against any legislative changes. Additionally, we provide your workers with secure and encrypted GDPR compliant digital payslips and we offer hotline support for any pay queries they might have.

A Complete Solution For Payroll, Pension, Benefits & Welfare Support

HIVE360 offers much more than payroll management, we deliver a total solution. We also help you attract and retain the best talent with employee benefits and welfare support. With pressure on recruitment agencies to provide real support and measurable savings, we have developed the ground-breaking Pay & Perks Mobile Benefits Portal to give you the edge.

We not only offer safe and cost-effective Payroll Solutions for Recruitment Agencies, we make you recruiters of choice. Please get in touch to find out about the many benefits of working with an umbrella alternative today.

To be clear our business is not suitable for those seeking to avoid tax and NI.

More reasons to partner with HIVE360

  1. Reduce the burden on your internal resources by lowering overhead costs
  2. Full compliance at all times (HMRC, RTI, GLAA, IR35)
  3. Branded employee app enhancing candidate wellbeing support & benefits
  4. A partnership focused on improving not reducing your profitability

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