Imagine a world where you can reward your staff with outstanding benefits

With Hive360 you can

Combining welfare support & lifestyle benefits

Just imagine how powerful that feeling of being looked after and rewarded by your business could be for your employees. Imagine the impact that would have on their attendance, commitment and performance.

Imagine being able to offer your staff, temps and apprentices the kind of blue chip benefits and welfare support that are only usually expected from the big brands in the market.

At Hive360 we make this a reality for you. Our groundbreaking Pay & Perks mobile portal, customised with your own branding, is delivered as part of our engagement platform, and doesn’t cost the earth, in fact our total solution will provide you with significant savings on your current employment administration costs - guaranteed.

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Pay, benefits and welfare support in the palm of your hand

Our sophisticated but easy to use mobile portal, provides access to a vast range of free health, welfare and money savings benefits, not to mention instant mobile access to all pay slips and pension performance – unique transparency at your employees’ fingertips.

  • ‘My Personal Doctor’ for 24-hour access to an NHS approved GP, via telephone and Skype consultation, plus email prescriptions.
  • ‘My discount outlet’ offering great high street retail, dining and mobile contract savings.
  • ‘My Pay & Pension’ – delivers and stores encrypted and GDPR safe digital payslips and access to personal pension performance
  • ‘My insurance’ for great discounts on insurance providers.
  • ‘My health’ for health, fitness and diet advice and resources, plus great savings on gym clubs.
  • ‘My personal Helpline’ for 24/7 telephone access to professional counsellors to help with stress, debt, marriage and drug abuse issues

In short, everything to keep your employees happy, healthy and motivated.


Enhancing productivity, instilling loyalty and helping you attract the best talent.

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