What Services Does A PEO Provide?
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What Is An Employment Model?

Employment models comprises of services for employees to ensure that they are given adequate support and opportunities.

The Professional Employment Organisation model, also called the PEO model, originated in America, and has since been adapted for the UK market. This model (unlike other employment models) involves a partnership between the client and outsourced company, whereby the employees of the client gain access to a host of ‘network benefits’ that the outsourced company unlocks for all of its members.

What Are PEO Services?

A company that implements the PEO model can offer a wide range of outsourcing services as they enable businesses to access exclusive services that they might not have been able to otherwise. For example, PEO’s are a good fit for small to medium businesses as they can give their employees access to blue chip benefits, which in turn can increase employee engagement and productivity whilst reducing staff turnover and saving your company money. Generally a business that implements the PEO model will offer human resources, risk management and payroll services.

Hive360 And The PEO Model

Hive360 has adapted the PEO model for the UK market, meaning that while you are responsible for day to day management of your staff, Hive360 will provide them with their pay, pensions, and benefits. This means that your employees are under our PAYE reference but ultimately, employment responsibility remains with you as their employer.

By utilising the PEO model, Hive360 can give a better employment experience for your workforce and encourage employee wellbeing and loyalty. Through Hive360 you will gain peace of mind that all HR processes, payroll and pension duties are in good hands so that you can spend your time focusing on what you do best – running your business.

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