How Will Outsourcing Impact My Employees?

About The Partnership Between Your Business And Hive360

When you choose to work with Hive360 you become our partners as part of our unique employment model. This means we work differently to traditional outsourcing services as your employees will become our employees as well. Therefore, while you are technically outsourcing to Hive360, we maintain a different relationship to your employees due to our partnership.

When you partner with Hive360, your employees become our number one priority, while your business becomes our mission.

How Will Outsourcing Impact My Employees?

In small to medium businesses (SMEs) it can be common to spread HR responsibilities throughout the team. By removing this burden from your team your staff will instead be able to spend their valuable time focussing on their own job role, ultimately helping the growth and success of your business and leading to greater job satisfaction.

HR outsourcing to the specialists at Hive360 can additionally give your employees peace of mind as they know that these important administration duties are being handled by an expert team that stays on top of legislation changes and always follows best practices.

By outsourcing to Hive360 you will be able to give your employees access to blue chip lifestyle and health benefits that you would not have otherwise been able to give them. This is a major benefit of outsourcing for your employees that can lead to enhanced employee engagement and performance, leading to greater productivity at work.

How Hive360 Will Make It A Positive Experience

There is a perception that outsourcing can be negative for employee morale, however, due to our unique employment model, your employees will always be our number one priority. As you will still be responsible for your staffs performance, day to day management and development, you will always maintain the ultimate employment responsibility, so you can rest assured that your staff won’t experience low employee morale due to outsourcing.

As well as offering HR, payroll, pension enrolment, benefits and training solutions, we also provide employee welfare support and assistance to help build a healthy and productive workforce. In the long term, outsourcing to Hive360 will boost your employee morale and lead you to become known as ‘employers of choice’.

To find out more about how outsourcing services to Hive360 can benefit your business and employees, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on 0121 661 4851.