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Caring for Care workers

An award-winning healthcare recruitment provider, 1 Stop Healthcare are experts in placing Healthcare professionals into clients across East Anglia and the rest of the UK.

POSTED ON June 7, 2019

The Employee Engagement Report 2019

Traditionally, human resources have been seen as focusing on the employment of staff and managing their employment contracts. But…

POSTED ON June 5, 2019

How committing to temporary worker engagement has revolutionised my business – Part I

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Patricia Haye to our offices. Patricia is a founder and Managing Director of First Base Employment, a business that has, since the beginning, strived to create a culture of community She spoke to us about temporary worker welfare and engagement, plus lots more. Here’s part one of her interview.

POSTED ON March 12, 2019

Hive360 - Patricia Hay - First Base Employment

Become recruiters of choice

It’s been a week since we’ve exhibited at Recruitment Agency Expo London. During the event we met a lot of industry peers and heard about the challenges recruitment businesses face.With the talent shortage, highest employment rate in decades and other factors playing a part to create an ever more competitive market, it’s become key for recruitment agencies to stand out in order to both attract and retain talent and win clients and Hive360’s service model is tailored for that.

POSTED ON February 13, 2019

Hive360 - Recruitment payroll services

How to turn the UK skills shortage into an opportunity for your recruitment business

The Employer Skills Survey conducted by UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has revealed that nearly 1 in 4 jobs now goes unfilled due to a lack of skilled workers, and recruitment businesses have an unparalleled chance to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

POSTED ON November 13, 2018

Hive360 - Skills shortage is an opportunity for recruitment businesses

5 ways recruiters can use technology to attract and retain talent

With the supply of both permanent and temporary candidates falling sharply, recruitment companies need to stand out in order to attract the best talent and technology can be a great ally.

POSTED ON September 4, 2018

5 ways recruiters can use technology to attract and retain talent

Could it be time to consider a new model of employment?

Innovation in employment, is that possible?  Well we only have to take a leaf out of the US labour market book to see that yes, absolutely, this is possible – and potentially revolutionary.

POSTED ON July 24, 2018

The PEO model explained

The Professional Employment Organisation model has been effective for companies in the US for over 30 year. We explain how it works and the advantages of it for both employers and employees.

POSTED ON June 12, 2018